Old Residue (Brown Blood)

When brown blood is present during the period, this is an indicator of stagnation and old residue left behind in the uterus. It means the uterus isn't properly cleansing itself every month. Usually brown blood is accompanied with other symptoms like cramping, clots or heavy bleeding. Steaming before and after the period increases circulation and assists the uterus in its cleanse. This protocol requires steaming for at least 3 cycles to help completely draw out all the old residue. 


If you have ANY of the following:

  • Short menstrual cycles (27 days or less)
  • Fresh spotting between periods
  • Spontaneous bleeding (2 periods per month)


The Nurture herbal blend is the most beneficial and the most important to use. 


The Cleanse herbal blend is appropriate for all users who don't have any of the listed symptoms. Note: This protocol uses an advance setup and requires the use of a mini hot plate or mini crock pot (not included) while steaming.

Old Residue (Brown Blood)

    • Herbs for 20 steams
    • Detailed, written protocol
    • Reusable teabag for preparing herbs