Complete Steaming Package

Buy a steam stool + clay pot and receive 10 steams for free!


These 100% Canadian, handcrafted steam stools are the most afforable and convenient way to steam. Not every women wants their steam stool on display or has the space to permanently have a stool setup, so these stools come with detachable legs and storage bag. Made out of Canadian spruce and pine, and sanded to a perfectly smooth surface, no extra toxic chemicals coat the stool. This allows you the option of leaving the stool in it's all natural, beautiful state or customized your stool to match your decor. The choose is yours!


Note: Due to the nature of wood, each stool is unique in appearance and may differ in color or characteristics.

Complete Steaming Package

Herbal Blend Choice
    • Handcrafted stool with storage bag
    • Hand painted clay pot
    • Your choice of Nurtured Luna herbal blend (20 steams)
    • Care instructions
    • Steaming guide

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